Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy "Letter Hosen" New Year!

Well, it seems only appropriate that we finish out 2010 with a couple of laughs from here.....

We decided to stay home and see the New Year in together.  Mike and Linz chose the menu and went shopping for snacks which included hot dogs, steak and spiced shrimp.  Britt is dancing the night away with Sam to a wonderful orchestra tonight at the Glen Echo Spanish Ballroom. I know they will have fun.

Linz decided to to bake some chocolate chip cookies which were delicious.  She loves the ready to bake cookies.  :-)  When the timer went off when the cookies were done, Linz said, "Last time I burned my hand.  How will I get them out of the oven?"  Zach was in the kitchen getting a glass of water and without missing a beat we heard him say, "Use the force!".  Mike and I almost fell on the floor laughing!!  If you know Zach and the fact that he is a "man of few words" and it was both amazing AND hilarious.

Linz then said she needed to take a shower before midnight.  When she was done she came back downstairs and we heard her before we saw an outfit she designed all on her own just for the occasion.

What did we hear???

"Yo da lay hee hooooooooooo!!!!!!!"

And this is what we saw....

Leder Hosen is just perfect for any occasion!

Linz proclaimed it her "Letter Hosen Happy New Year" outfit.  Life just doesn't get much better than this. When we finally stopped laughing and could catch our breath again, Mike looked at me and said, "Well baby, we've had two pretty awesome "autistic moments" to finish out the year, huh?  We are really blessed."  I have to agree.  I'm feeling supremely blessed as we usher out the old and ring in the new.

We wish you all the very happiest of New Years and pray God's richest and most bountiful blessings for you and yours in the coming year.

Much love,

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Grand Opening!

For years it's been a given that our avid reader in the family has been Brittany.  It's no wonder that her favorite Disney Princess has always been Belle...the beautiful girl with such a love of books!  (Truth be told.... my fantasy for her her fantasy is to move to Florida and BE Belle in the Magic Kingdom...especially now that Belle is getting her very own HUGE castle there!  hahahaha) 

But...for the past couple of years as Linz has worked as an intern at 3 different libraries in our community through a program at school she has also discovered a true LOVE of books and reading.  It's SO amazing.  She will plop down on a couch and start reading out loud....doing all of the voices and inflections, of course.  Now she is thrilled to make trips to Barnes and Noble, Borders and McKay's Used Books.  (If you live near should check out McKay's.  Most of her books cost .50 to .75!!  What a deal!)

She decided to start her own library in her room about a month or so ago and it has grown.....even more so yesterday after she used her McKay's gift card she received for Christmas.  One amazing thing that I've found is that while she started out looking for the familiar stories and junior novelizations from some of her favorite movies, now she's expanded her interests and gotten books that are stories she's never heard of.  Now THAT'S progress.

After our trip to McKay's yesterday she was like a helium balloon!!  She was SO excited about her new books and adding them to her library.  She was talking up a storm about her plans to expand it and how she can't wait for people to see it.  (SO many "Linz Quotes of the Day" that I could barely keep up!!)  She has added all her new books and everything is alphabetized and it looks just lovely.

She was walking and talking so fast....she put up her hands as if she was making a frame to look through and said, "I can see it now!!  My new library...LINDSAY'S LIBRARY PALACE!  People will come from miles around just to see it!  I don''t mean to burst your brain, Mom, but it will be the most popular library ever!"  (I think she may be designing Library Cards for customers too!)  :-)

When I woke up this morning I passed by her room...the door was shut....but I could hear her in there making plans.  It was pretty amazing to hear her and it just made my day.....she said, "At last I have a vision for my future!  It's a library!"  I had to take a picture just so I will be able to remember where it all started because I am SURE we will be looking for many more bookshelves to add for her to fill up very soon.

I'm reminded of one of my favorite quotes by Walt Disney and it definitely applies to Linz.....

"If you can dream can do it!"  ~Walt Disney

Dream BIG my friends!


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas From Our House To Yours

I have to agree with Linz on this one.....
This truly has been the "best Christmas EVER!"

For those of you who were thinking that you were left off of our Christmas card list this weren't.
I just ran out of time.  So here's our Christmas photos from today, Christmas Day 2010

We wish you the merriest of Christmases with love and blessings too many to measure.

With love,
Mike, Michelle, Brittany, Lindsay and Zach

Our Family....Zach 17, Linz 19 and Brittany 21

Monday, December 13, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I can honestly say that today was a great day.


A happy....but very tired man......

Mike had to take a trip overseas which he hasn't done in a very long time.  It's always challenging for Linz and Zach when he travels....period.  One of the more charming pain in the butt quirks of autism can  be insomnia.  People with autism don't like change....period.  So it has always been challenging when Mike travels....even for a 2-day trip.  Zach will lay in bed and talk (or sing) most of the night....EVERY night that he is gone.  It's just the nature of the "beast".  Needless to say when Mike said he was going to be traveling "a lot" in December and January my heart sort of sank.  Of course it's mostly because I miss him a LOT when he's gone but my mind immediately goes to the nights of no sleep.  (you know.....when the kids don't sleep....Mama don't sleep!)  I did feel blessed that the trip was moved up so that he would at least be home for Christmas.  whew!

The good news is....we made it!  Mike flew home today and I think it's safe to say we are ALL happy he's back.  I haven't told the kids yet that he's home for 2 nights and then will be leaving again for a couple days. :-(  We'll face that bridge when we get to it.  Linz was THRILLED that he flew back home with a stop in Germany...home of the SMURFS!! just 4 more days til Bealy is home for Christmas Break and all my loveys will be home for the holidays!

Now to get the shopping and wrapping done!  Ah well....tomorrow is another day, right??  :-)

Stay warm!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Letter Hossen Margarita

The kids and I had a great time today with Nannie and Papa (my mom and dad).  The weather was rainy and grey so we decided to head to Fair Oaks Mall and take in the sights and sounds of the holidays.  It was so much fun!

When we were shopping in Sears we were looking through the mens' department trying to find Papa some nice gloves and Linz found something that caught her eye.  She found a display of mens' hats and she ran over to them and exclaimed, "Oh LOOK!  It's the Letter Hossen hats!!".  I thought maybe it was a character from one of her books or videos so I just said, "Oh!  Mmm hmmm...".  Then I heard her going on and on about putting a red feather in it and the dance that you do when you wear it.


What was she talking about?  Wait!  She's been talking a lot since we were at Epcot this past summer in the Germany pavillion about all the cool things she saw there. She loved talking to the cast members there and was thrilled when they told her that the Smurfs were created there.  They told her that the translation for Smurf in German is Schlumpf.  Since vacation she finds it hilarious to call  my parents "Oma and Opa Schlumpf"  :-)

She LOVES learning about other cultures and their clothes etc. and then I realized what it was!!!!

I said, "Linz, do you mean lederhosen?"  She said, "YES!  That's it!"  So we all started laughing and talking about it and she thought she was quite clever.  So she started talking about the dance and the clothes that German people wear and before you know it....this happened.  My Dad asked her about it and told her she looked like she was doing the macarena.....Here ya go.....

The funniest part for me was at the very end when she said, "Letter Hossen Margarita!"
Hope it brings you a little holiday cheer!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Name Tags and Merriment...

Every Sunday Linz makes sure that I know that she "needs lunch stuff before tomorrow"....  It's just a regular weekly routine.  She eats the same thing for lunch everyday...peanut butter sandwich...strawberry jell-o...ritz crackers (sometimes she goes a little wild and has saltines) and a capri sun to drink.  So she makes sure to let me know what we need and we go out and get it together.

Tonight I was going to just run up to Super Target alone so I could dash in and dash out and boy am I glad I didn't.  I took her with me and she absolutely just filled my heart with so much joy it's running over. 

She was just in the best mood and so chatty and happy.  I pushed the cart and she went aisle to aisle getting all of her goodies.  When we were done we rambled through the Christmas section where she has to stop every time to push the "sample" buttons on the CD selections.  Then we made our way up to the registers to check out.

We got in a very short line and the cashier looked very friendly and happy.  When it was our turn, he said, "Hi!  How are you?"  and Linz (who has made it a hobby of hers to read ALL nametags of cashiers and workers in stores) said, "Well hi there Mr.....uh....(leans over to read the name tag)....Mr. New Team Member!!  Wow!  That's an odd name, huh??"  He just cracked up!  He said, "Well...I haven't even worked here long enough yet to have my own name tag so I guess that's my new name, huh?".  She started laughing and said, "Well I'm Lindsay and this is my mom.  She's a sugar plum fairy."  He looked at me and smiled.  I just laughed and said, "Well...I've been called worse!".  :-)  Then Mr. New Team Member asked Linz if she liked Christmas.  Linz looked at him and clapped her hands and said, "Boy do I ever!!!  I'm just a Yuletide Fool!"

We left Target and headed home and Linz said, "Thanks for taking me with you, Mom.  I had a great time."  I said, "Well, thank YOU for coming with me and making me smile."  She said, "No problem.  It's great to have a mom that's sweeter than a Hershey's milk chocolate truffle!"'ll make people wonder what you're up to.


Lady Twin Fun

Today Linz and I went to Flower Gallery's Annual Holiday Open House.  It was amazing and magical!
We met my mom there and we had such a blast looking at all of the beautiful displays and Christmas goodies.   They had lots of yummy treats to try too.  Linz said  she wants to do it again next year and that it should be a holiday tradition.  I have to agree.

Here are some pics of the fun....

Linz found a frosty friend!

One of the many trees I wanted to own...

Ok...this cracked me up!  You keep it in your bathroom and he talks and sings when you walk in the room!

The ornament Linz just "had to have"!

I loved the Santa Tree.  It was gorgeous!

They always amaze me with the unique ideas they come up with.  This "Wine" themed tree was in a barrel and was wrapped in grapevine.  It had tons of grape and miniature wine bottle ornaments on it with a sunflower topper!  AWESOME!

Mom made sure we signed up for the door prizes!
Happy Holidays!!